Chain of command

Chain Of Command


President of The United States                            Honorable Donald Trump  

Vice President Of The United States                     Honorable Michael Pence     

Speaker Of The House                                         Honorable Nancy Pelosi                    

Secretary of State                                               Honorable Mike Pompeo                       

Chairman Of The Joint Chief of Staff                    General Joseph Dunford    

Vice Chairman Of The Joint Chief of Staff             General Paul J. Selva

Secretary Of The Navy                                         Honorable Richard V. Spencer

Secretary Of Defense                                           Honorable  Patrick M. Shanahan 

Chief Of Naval Operations                                   Admiral John Richardson

Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Navy                MCPON Russell Smith

Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps                    Sergeant Major Ronald Green

Commandant Of The Marine Corps                       General Robert Neller

Commander, Naval Education Training Command  Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad

Commander, Naval Service Training Command      Rear Admiral Mike Bernacchi

Commandant Of The Coast Guard                        Admiral Paul F. Zukunft

Director Of Homeland Security                             Kirstjen Nielsen

Secretary Of The Army                                         Dr. Mark Esper

Sergeant Major Of The Army                                Sergeant Major Daniel Dailey

Army Chief Of Staff                                             General Mark Milley

Secretary Of The Air Force                                    Honorable Heather Wilson 

Air Force Chief Of Staff                                        General David Goldfein 

Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force                 Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth Wright

Area 4 Commander                                               Commander Jimmy Miller

Senior Naval Science Instructor                              Lieutenant Terry LaBeff  

Naval Science Instructor                                        Chief Brian Jaynes